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  • Edwin McMillan - Session I American Institute of Physics

    My father, Edwin Harbaugh McMillan, was born in Accident, Maryland, on June 17, 1871. His father spelled the name, McMillen, but my father and his paternal twin, William Thomas McMillan, changed the spelling to the present one, on the ground that this was the ...

  • Edwin McMillan - National Academy of Sciences

    EDWIN MATTISON MCMILLAN 219 studied the radioactivity produced when a variety of targets are exposed to a deuteron beam.10 At deuteron energies below 2 MeV, the activity increases rapidly with energy, as expected from the quantum mechanical penetration

  • Edwin M. McMillan

    American physicist Edwin M. McMillan discovered the first transuranium (heavier than uranium) element, named neptunium, in 1940, working with Philip Abelson (1913-2004). In the same year, working under Glenn Seaborg and with Joseph W. Kennedy (1916-57

  • Edwin McMillan Wikipédia

    modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Edwin Mattison McMillan (18 septembre 1907 7 septembre 1991) fut le premier scientifique à obtenir un élément transuranien. Il est colauréat avec Glenn Theodore Seaborg du prix Nobel de chimie en 1951 pour des travaux sur les éléments transuraniens[1].

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  • Edwin McMillan Wikipedia

    Edwin Mattison McMillan, född 18 september 1907 i Redondo Beach, Kalifornien, USA, död 7 september 1991 i El Cerrito, Contra Costa County, Kalifornien, var en amerikansk fysiker. Biografi McMillan var chef för Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory vid University of California..

  • Edwin McMillan Obituary - Cisco, TX GoSanAngelo

    Edwin Lee McMillan San Angelo, TX Edwin Lee McMillan of San Angelo, TX, 61 years old, passed unexpectedly Friday, October 12, 2018, at his home following a short illness.

  • Edwin McMillan Biography - Childhood, Life

    Edwin Mattison McMillan was an American nuclear physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, research, career, achievements and timeline.

  • Edwin M. McMillan - Facts - NobelPrize.org

    Edwin Mattison McMillan The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1951 Born: 18 September 1907, Redondo Beach, CA, USA Died: 7 September 1991, El Cerrito, CA, USA To cite this section MLA style: Edwin M. McMillan Facts. NobelPrize.org. Nobel Media AB 2020.

  • エドウィンマクミラン - Wikipedia

    エドウィンマティソンマクミラン(Edwin Mattison McMillan , 1907918 - 199197)レドンドビーチ 19281929た

  • Edwin Mattison McMillan - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (Redondo Beach, 18 de septiembre de 1907 El Cerrito, 7 de septiembre de 1991) fue un químico y profesor universitario estadounidense galardonado con el Premio Nobel de Química del año 1951. Biografía Nació el 18 de septiembre

  • Edwin McMillan - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (8. september 1907 7. september 1991) var en amerikansk fysiker og nobelprismodtager, der var den første som fremstillede et af de transurane grundstoffer, neptunium (93). Sammen med Glenn T. Seaborg modtog han

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    ··(Edwin Mattison McMillan,1907918-199197),生于美国加利福尼亚雷东多比奇,,美国加大学伯克利分校物理学教授,1951同伯克利同事西博格共同获诺贝尔化学奖

  • Edwin McMillan, Nobel Laureate And Chemistry Pioneer,

    9/9/1991· Edwin Mattison McMillan, a pioneer in modern chemistry and physics who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951 as a co-discoverer of plutonium and neptunium, died Saturday at

  • Biografía de Edwin McMillan . Quién es, vida, historia,

    Edwin McMillan Edwin Mattison McMillan Físico estadounidense premiado con el Nobel Nació el 18 de septiembre de 1907 en Redondo Beach, California.Cursó estudios en el Instituto de Tecnología de California y en la Universidad de Princeton. Einstein - Albert

  • Edwin M. McMillan - Biographical - NobelPrize.org

    Edwin M. McMillan Biographical E dwin Mattison McMillan was born on 18th September, 1907, at Redondo Beach, California. He is the son of Dr. Edwin Harbaugh McMillan, a physician, and his wife, Anne Marie McMillan, née Mattison, who both came

  • Edwin McMillan Article about Edwin McMillan by The

    Mas adelante participo en el Proyecto Manhattan y, en colaboracion con Edwin McMillan, diseno un sistema para separar y concentrar Uranio 235, un paso esencial en la produccion del primer material, proveniente de las instalaciones de Oak Ridge, en Tennessee, para la bomba atomica.

  • Edwin McMillan Wikipedia ting Vit

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (18.9.1907 7.9.1991) là nhà vt lý ngưi M và là ngưi đu tiên đã to ra nguyên t sau urani (transuranium element). Ông đã đot Gii

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  • Edwin McMillan - Session III American Institute of Physics

    Weiner: This is October 30th [1972] and I am with Dr. McMillan once again for Round Two of our interview. McMillan: Before we go into the next episode of this story, I would like to fill in a few little personal things, as I find on reading the transcript of the first session ...

  • Biography of Edwin McMillan - Assignment Point

    McMillan found out a way of maintaining the synchronization for indefinite speeds in a machine co-invented with Vladimir Veksler and named it synchro-cyclotron. Childhood, Family and Educational Life Edwin McMillan, in full Edwin Mattison McMillan, was born

  • Edwin McMillan Wikipedia

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (1907 nî 9 goe h 18 ji t 1991 nî 9 goe h 7 ji t) sī chi t ūi Bí-kok ê hòa-ha k-ka. I mā-sī 1951 nî Nobel Hòa-ha k Chióng ê ti t-chióng-jîn; i ti t-chióng ê lí-iû sī for their discoveries in the chemistry of transuranium elements.

  • Edwin McMillan Wikipedia

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (født 18. september 1907 i Redondo Beach, California, død 7. september 1991 i El Cerrito, Contra Costa County, California) var en amerikansk fysiker og kjemiker. Han fremstilte neptunium i 1940 og oppdaget senere plutonium. Han mottok Nobelprisen i kjemi i 1951, sammen med Glenn T Seaborg, for deres oppdagelser ...

  • Edwin McMillan - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (18 September 1907 - 7 September 1991)[1] ialah seorang ahli fizik Amerika dan penerima Nobel yang dikreditkan sebagai yang pertama untuk menghasilkan unsur transuranium, neptunium. Untuk ini, beliau berkongsi Hadiah Nobel dalam Kimia bersama Glenn Seaborg pada tahun 1951.[2] Seorang graduan Institut Teknologi ...

  • Edwin McMillan's Lecture Manhattan Project Voices

    Edwin McMillan: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start with two remarks. First, this is going to be a personal story, so if I use the first person singular, this is not pure egotism, it is simply the fact that thats the part that I know best. Second remark is, the ...

  • Edwin McMillan Wikipedia

    Edwin Mattison McMillan (18. syyskuuta 1907 Redondo Beach, Kalifornia 7. syyskuuta 1991 El Cerrito, Contra Costa, Kalifornia) oli yhdysvaltalainen kemisti, joka sai Nobelin kemianpalkinnon vuonna 1951 transuraanien kemian havainnoista. Hän jakoi palkinnon Glenn Theodore Seaborgin kanssa.[1][2] McMillan

  • Edwin McMillan Atomic Heritage Foundation

    Edwin McMillan (1907-1991) was an American physicist and winner of the 1951 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In 1940 McMillan and Phillip Abelson produced a new element, element 93, when they bombarded uranium-235 with neutrons. This was the first time a ...