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  • Copper tubing in slab Terry Love Plumbing & Remodel

    11/10/2009· Currently renovating a house on slab, which is uncommon in my area. Copper tube plumbing in the slab. It looks like we may have a leak in the hot water tubing, but my plumber is still testing. Concrete eats copper. That's why in my opinion, it should be against ...

  • UNDER SLAB COPPER - RIDGID Forum Plumbing,

    26/12/2015· UNDER SLAB COPPER 12-23-2015, 07:19 PM I just repaired a hot water leak under a Conc. slab. I use Silver solder , not soft lead, or Braze. I was taught the 840 + Temp.damages copper. I was never told why soft solder under slabs is wrong. Can someone ; ...

  • Dealing With Under Slab Fresh Water Leaks In-House

    18/8/2017· Find out how we detect, find, and repair under slab fresh water leaks. If you suspect you have a fresh water leak, give us a call at 972-494-1750! If youve noticed higher than normal water bills or your water pressure is suddenly not what it use it be, you might have a fresh water leak. ...

  • Plumbing: TechCorner - How to Prevent Corrosion of

    How to Prevent Corrosion of Copper Tube in Underground or Buried Applications Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. That's the phrase that comes to mind for all who have installed copper and copper alloy piping systems in buried, underground applications.

  • How do you accurately find a broken water pipe leak

    If your water pipe is copper, pitting of the pipe from acidity in the water or soil underground may be what is causing the leak, and you can expect there will be more leaks in the future. Old galvanized steel or PB (polybutylene) pipes under the slab may have the

  • How To Fix Leaking Pipes Under A Slab Foundation. -

    Repairing Water Lines. Copper tubing is the most common type of pipe used under a slab foundation. When copper pipes age, they wear out and become thin, springing to a leak. Repairing the copper wire is by cutting the damaged part with a tubing cutter

  • dented soft-copper pipe in concrete slab AnandTech

    27/6/2008· i dug into my concrete slab foundation, and found two soft-copper pipes running thru it. one of the pipes supply hot water, and has a visible dent in it. But it is not leaking. i've consulted plumbers about it, but i've been getting varying answers ("fix it", "leave it alone").

  • PEX under slab for non-heating water supply lines -

    2/7/2010· Has anyone placed their water supply lines under the basement slab instead of within the framed walls? The house I'm having built is passive solar and earth-sheltered, basically a walk-out basement with a roof on that basement (no floors above).

  • 5 Causes of Slab Leaks + What to Do with One C&W

    18/8/2019· Water pressure isnt the only type of pressure that can cause a slab leak. If the soil shifts under your foundation, it could cause your house to move slightly, putting pressure on the pipes. This can also happen due to: An earthquake An underground stream

  • Is it OK to run the main water supply line up into attic to

    30 year or more home, built on a slab, and water lines are being damaged and lines are breaking. All lines are coming from under the slab in each part of the home where water is needed. I now have a water leak that could be further under the slab and not reachable.

  • Failed copper water supply under concrete slab. - Yelp

    Photo of R E Glenn Plumbing - "Failed copper water supply under concrete slab." - El Cajon, CA Dan M. said "Nick from Pacific Heating was able to come in and diagnose a problem with my A/C that I have had for a very long time that many" read more

  • Slab Plumbing Leak? PEX to the Rescue! - Just Needs Paint

    29/8/2019· Of course, he confirmed the location of the under slab plumbing leak. Unfortunately, the leak was in the long distance run from the water heater to the bathrooms. #2 How should the new line be run? The thought of ripping out rooms of tile just to rerun this line of

  • Don't Cut the Concrete Slab - Drill a Tunnel Under It

    6/9/2016· Our supply line runs to the house through the yard. The line goes under the retaining wall that divides the lower west side of the yard from the upper east side, then on to the house. Its path takes it under a 12 foot wide concrete patio slab to a small flowerbed near ...

  • How Are the Plumbing Pipes Installed in a Slab-Floored

    16/3/2020· Lines that supply water to the fixtures run above grade, through stud walls. These lines are narrower and made from copper or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Once the builder constructs the rough frame of the house, the plumber installs the water supply lines.

  • Can Copper Pipe Be Buried? Hunker

    Copper piping has proven to be long lasting in the installation of both hot and cold water supply lines. Generally installed in 1/2- or 3/4-inch diameters, the pipe usually comes in 8- or 12-foot lengths. It is possible to bury copper pipes underground, but you must follow

  • Plumbing Question - Water Leak Under Concrete Pad

    I rehabbed a 3/2 house, 1990s construction. Both baths, kitchen and laundry area in garage were situated so there were no under slab supply lines. However there are so many 1950-70s slab houses where no thought was given to pulling the line into the middle

  • Old Copper Water Supply Pipe under Home Foundation -

    16/11/2011· This home was built around 1959 and since then, the building codes have changed and copper water supply pipes underneath building foundations, need to be protected. For more interesting tips and ...

  • Pipes and Home Plumbing for DIY Plumbers

    5/3/2020· How home plumbing water pipes work, with a diagram of common pipe materials and sizes for home supply, drain, and waste plumbing Two main types of plumbing serve a house: water supply pipes and drain-waste-vent pipes. The water supply pipes are under ...

  • Plumbing in a Concrete Slab

    This page covers checking the sewer and water pipes in a slab. See our pages, Checking Over the Concrete Slab, Drain Pipes, and Plumbing in the Walls, for other items to review and check. Have your plumber ready to come right away after the fill is spread

  • What type of plumbing was used in houses in the 1950's?

    In reference to drainpipe under the floor in a crawl space structure, there was cast iron pipe and occasionally galvanized. Under slab floor I've only seen cast iron pipe only. Once the drain pipe exits the structure,the material changed to either...

  • What Causes Slab Leaks? Bill Howe Plumbing

    7/2/2019· Slab leaks are caused by many things such as thermal expansion and high water pressure. Thermal expansion is present in every home with plumbing and is one of the major causes of leaks in the copper pipe under the slab. Thermal expansion happens when

  • Water plumbing under cement slab - Ask Me Help Desk

    Hi, I live in central Texas and want to plumb under a cement slab. I am not comfortable using Pex piping. I wanted to use copper. My question is should both hot and cold water lines be insulated or just hot and what would be best insulation. Thanks, Bobby

  • How to Install Plumbing in a Concrete Slab Hunker

    17/7/2017· Building and plumbing a house takes skill, perseverance, precision and aptitude. Plumbing systems in concrete slabs go in before the concrete is poured, as they are installed beneath the slab. But before you can even pour the slab, the building inspector must first

  • How do you install water lines in a slab home - Answers

    A high water bill or wet spots in the yard are often the first indications of a slab leak. You could even come home one day and find water coming up from under the slab floor of your ...

  • Copper pipe thru concrete slab...yes ... - Fine Homebuilding

    13/7/2014· All water services, hot and cold, pass through insulated 1/2" copper tubing (yes, we have gone metric here but these were laid before metrication was completed) in the slab. In addition we have 3/4" black polythene piping in the slab to convey gas heated water

  • 12 Ways to Detect a Supply Plumbing Leak Under a Slab

    29/8/2019· From a insane $$$ water bill to deploying your , we'll go over twelve ways to detect a supply line plumbing leak under a slab foundation. **Our honesty policy: This post may contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase at no extra cost ...

  • Joints and Connections in Slab The Building Code Forum

    20/2/2010· Welcome to the new and improved Building Code Forum. We appreciate you being here and hope that you are getting the information that you need concerning all codes of the building trades. New SFR water supply line tee fitting in concrete slury fill mix under slab.