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    Black Iron Ductwork Architectural Roofing Residential Commercial Industrial Metal Roofing Gutters, Down Spouts, Fascia, Ridge Cap, etc. Metal Wall Panels Metal Decking Chimney Caps New Installations Repairs Industrial, Commercial, Office Building, and

  • Duct and Sheet Metal Fabrication Grunau Company

    We provide you with duct and sheet metal fabrication services. Contact Grunau today to get started! Grunaus sheet metal team fabricates ductwork of any shape or size in our own shop. Whether you need rectangular or spiral, kitchen exhaust or heavy gauge work ...

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    Galvanized steel, black iron, aluminum and Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication. 2 CONFIGURATIONS Spiral Pipe: Available in Diameters from 3 in. through 60 in., HANOVER IRON WORKS SHEET METAL, INC. Hanover Iron Works Sheet Metal, Inc. is a family owned metal fabrication company based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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    plated steel, and black iron. Our team works hard for our customers, making sure that all of our products are of top quality, whether it is stainless steel soap dispensers or larger projects. Custom fabrication services Work with various metals including ...

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    Types of Industrial Ductwork Flanged Duct - Flanged duct refers more to the joining method than the actual duct. Flanges (aka angle rings or mating flanges) are rolled angle iron with specifically punched holes. Bolts are used to 'pull' the flanges together. Flanges ...

  • Long Island Ductwork Fabrication (631) 328-DUCT (3828)

    Robaduct Long Island Ductwork Fabrication. (631) 328-DUCT (3828) Welcome to ROBADUCT Fabrications! 631 328 DUCT (3828) ROBADUCT is a full-service fabricator of standard and custom, commercial and residential ductwork sheet metal products.

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    Black iron ductwork, custom fabrication, Ohio Heating, complete sheet metal shop, Columbus OH Most of the expense of commercial kitchen ventilation systems comes from the fabrication and installation of the black iron ductwork and the fans that tie the exhaust system to the outside. ...

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    Hi-Tech offers a full service ductwork fabrication and installation. From new construction, retrofit, or additions we can help you design and install your HVAC ductwork. We can fabricate to SMACNA Standards or customer standards. Call today for a free estimate.

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    Equipment Our computerized sheet metal fabrication shop includes a full coil line, a computerized double plasma table, high definition plasma cutter, hydraulic press brake, and spiral equipment. Latest Technology We pride ourselves in constantly keeping up with ...

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    Several issues must be considered in an effective design. A primary issue is the tradeoff between the initial cost of the duct system and the energy cost of the air distribution system; larger ducts require a larger initial investment, but result in lower fan energy costs

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    Come and take a tour of Airside Sheet Metal Fabricators, Inc. advanced 38,000 SF fabrication shop. We love to show where we manufacture the highest quality Duct work. Our shop contains multiple automated machines and equipment, including dedicated semi ...

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    Prime domestic Galvanized Steel plus specialty work using Black Iron, Galvannealed, Stainless, PVC-coated or Aluminum. Phenolic Board- Premium performance Kingspan KoolDuct® panels, fabrication methods, jointing systems and a complete line of

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    Custom Black Iron Ducts Most of the expense of commercial kitchen ventilation systems comes from the fabrication and installation of the black iron ductwork and the fans that tie the exhaust system to the outside. When you need custom black iron ducts you ...

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    Ductwork & Fabrication Our sheet metal shop can build anything from simple duct fittings, to black iron commercial grease ducts and anything in-between. By fabricating the majority of our own ductwork, we can guarantee that our products meet all necessary ...

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    O'Donnell Metal Fabricators engineers, manufactures, and installs custom metal fabrication for any application. We specialize in providing custom stainless steel products designed and created for the specific needs of each client. Whether you require maintenance ...

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    A heavy duty ring usually constructed of black iron used to connect pipe and fittings. Can be swedged, tack welded or fully welded onto pipe or fittings. Compressor A mechanical device where the refrigerant is compressed from a lower pressure and lower

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    Galvanized, Galvanneal (paintable), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, PCD (PVS) or black iron. CNC Bending of gravel stops, flashing and architectural metal Structural steel and custom metal fabrication Custom Curbs and equipment supports Job Estimates

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    Not only does Peterson Sheet Metal make ductwork, we also do custom roof cupolas, special flashings, stairs, columns, tanks, and anything forged of metal. We can also make it in any type of metal, galvanized, black iron, stainless, aluminum, copper, color

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    The Fab-Tech Ductwork Fabrication Standard Manual is designed to aid you, our customer, in becoming acquainted with our fabrication ... c. Black Iron Rings shall be coated with PermaProtect, Black Iron Ring Powder®. This heat and chip resistant coating is ...

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    Custom Ductwork Fabrication & Industrial Ventilation Products Lashley South Texas has several employees with well over 18 years of experience furnishing custom fabricated ventilation products for the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning industry, including the following: Heavy gauge round and rectangular ventilation duct and fittings (materials can be galvanized, black iron, aluminum ...

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    Galvanized Iron (GI) Ducts Galvanized Iron (GI) Ducts are manufactured at our State-of-the-art factory as per customer requirements. All the accessories such as fittings, attachments, components, and other goods are manufactured from the finest grade of material ...

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    Metal Duct Fabrication Services Metal Duct Fabrication Services "Tessiers sheet metal team fabricates ductwork of any shape or size in our own shop. Whether you need rectangular or spiral, kitchen exhaust or heavy gauge work, we offer the highest quality

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    Youve just found Southwestern Michigans best Sheet Metal contractor and Ductwork maker. Our products arrive on time and at a lower cost. We streamline the process. Duct work. The field orders it. The shop makes it. But if it isnt delivered on time, your entire ...

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    Design, Fabrication, Installation, Ductwork Our Factory Machines can cut out and assemble almost any Shape and Size of all Types of Materials from Galvinized, Black Iron,

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    While we're experts in basic HVAC fabrication, ZEN also enjoys a reputation for delivering on the most demanding jobs, including welded aluminum ductwork, welded stainless steel, black iron, and heavy gauge industrial duct. Welded Aluminum Ductwork

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    This is a new online sheet metal duct fabrication estimating system. The estimate includes Fabrication of Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Black Iron Duct work, Equipment and all

  • Code Changes Impacting Grease Duct Selection

    Code Changes Impacting Grease Duct Selection Not a lot has changed in the world of commercial grease ducts in the past few decades. Same goes in the industrial boiler realm. But recent code revisions and emerging attitudes toward energy effi ciency are