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  • What is Bang For Your Buck? definition and meaning

    bang for your buck: Getting the greatest value for one's investment, or maximize outcome with the least amount of input. This phrase originated as a political term coined by Charles E. Wilson, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, in 1954, referring to massive retaliation policy proposed by John Foster Dulles. Also called value for the dollar.

  • Bang for Buck Agile Template Free Bang for Buck

    The Bang for the Buck template is an Agile framework that you can use to sort epics and stories by value and cost. The values you can assign to each item are Fibonacci numbers to help rank tasks in relation to each other. About the Bang for the Buck template

  • What Does Best Bang for Your Buck Mean? - Writing

    Best Bang for Your Buck Meaning Definition: More value for your money. Origin of Best Bang for Your Buck Companies often use this expression to advertise a product. It means that for the price you pay, you get a better deal. It implies that the product is superior

  • Bang for the buck Synonyms, Bang for the buck

    Synonyms for bang for the buck at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for bang for the buck. ... Ready For Some

  • Bang for Your Buck HGTV

    Bang For Your Buck has the concrete answers on remodeling value and how to get the most out of any renovation budget. In each episode, three homeowners from the same city renovate the same room of the house with the same budget.

  • Best Bang for the Buck Aftermarket Car Speakers

    Its been expected for some time, and Ars Technica is confirming it: E3 is cancelled. The worlds biggest video game trade show, scheduled for June in Los Angeles, will not be happening for the first time since its inception in 1995. Like other conferences in tech and ...

  • :755 more bang for the buck - VOA

    天我们要讲的是: more bang for the buckBang,,BuckTo get more bang for the buck,,, ...

  • What is another word for "bang for the buck"?

    Synonyms for bang for the buck include first fruits, crop, fruits, harvest, output, payoff, produce and yield. Find more similar words at!

  • Our Bang For Buck Awards For 2019 Headfonics

    Its time for our 2019 Bang For Buck Awards, a feature we started last year to recognize what we believe is a lot of value for the price. Of course, Bang For Buck does not necessarily mean cheap though certainly, price plays a role in what we consider to be the

  • Televisions: Best bang for the buck - CNET

    7/12/2011· A list of CNET's Holiday Gift Guide picks for TVs, including the best TV designs, the best picture quality, best bang for the buck, and best overall. CNET también está disponible en español.


    30/8/2016· Bang For The Buck - Doupein KUUNTELE TÄÄLTÄ: MUSAVIDEO: Tuotanto: Random Life, Kuvaus & editointi...

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    2016-08-07 bang for the buck是 2015-05-20 bang for the buck是 2015-06-07 Bang for the buck 2015-11-27 Bang for the buck 2012-02-15 bang for the buck? 2016-03-14 bang for your 2006-05-06 most bang for the buck 是啊? ...

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  • a bang for the buck Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

    idiom a bang for your buck [Am.] [coll.] gute Ware {f} fürs Geld idiom more bang for the buck [esp. Am.] mehr fürs gleiche Geld F RadioTV Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Buck Rogers anat. biol. Buck's fascia [Fascia penis profunda] Buck-Faszie {f} anat. biol.

  • My new favorite best bang for the buck speakers?

    2/3/2020· This is my Triangle BRO3 & BRO2 Speaker review. These are the best budget speakers. Both of these remind me of the classic JBL 4311 or JBL L100 speakers. Both use paper woofers (cellulose) and are ...


    7/7/2016· Category Music Song Bang for the Buck Artist Ugly Duckling Album Bang for The Buck Licensed to YouTube by Soulspazm, CueSongs (on behalf of Fat Beats Records); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., AdRev ...

  • Bang for the Buck - definition of Bang for the Buck by

    Bang for the Buck synonyms, Bang for the Buck pronunciation, Bang for the Buck translation, English dictionary definition of Bang for the Buck. ) n. 1. A sudden loud noise, as of an explosion. 2. A sudden loud blow or bump. 3. Informal A sudden burst of action ...

  • Bang for the buck - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    Definition of bang for the buck in the Idioms Dictionary. bang for the buck phrase. What does bang for the buck expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Bang for the buck ...

  • 2019 Best Bang for the Buck Rankings: Southeast

    2019 Best Bang for the Buck Rankings: Southeast Posted August 25, 2019 by ecortellessa Below are our rankings of Americas Best Bang for the Buck Collegesour exclusive list of schools ranked ...

  • What is the origin of bang for your buck? - Answers

    Don K. Ferguson writes: When I hear the phrase "more bang for your buck," I cringe because I always thought it had overtones of vulgarity. Was this a respectable phrase that years ...

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    Bang For The Buck. 256 likes. Salovaara & Salokorpi! Tänään logohommia! Lauantaina Live @alakulttuuritalo Helsinki. 2 settiä: klo 16-20 sallittu kaikenikäisille, klo 21-04 K-18.

  • bang for the buck是_

    :buck 一美元 bang 也就是或者:you paid only ten thousand yuan for that car ?wow.that was really bang for the buck .

  • BANG FOR THE BUCK , Cambridge

    19/2/2020· bang for the buck , , bang for the buck : value in return for your money: . てこなことなようしましょう

  • bang_for_the_buck_

    Bang for the buck Bang for the buck is an idiom meaning the worth of one's money or exertion. The phrase originated from the slang usage of the words "bang" which means "excitement" and "buck" which means "money". : Wikipedia

  • (more) bang for the/one's buck definition and meaning

    11/3/2020· (more) bang for the/one's buck definition: If you get more bang for the buck , you spend your money wisely and get more for your... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and