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  • 6005 Aluminum Alloy Hydro Extrusion North America

    Hydro Extrusion offers structural 6xxx series alloys, such as 6005 aluminum and 6005A aluminum, which can be used in designs requiring moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Contact Hydro Extrusion for more information on 6005 aluminum and the other alloys we provide for our customers.

  • Surface engineered light alloys for sports equipment -

    Aluminum alloy 6061 has been successfully accepted by players because the desired characteristics can be produced after specific heat treatments (Jenkins, 2003). Though the current market, especially the high quality market, is dominated by composite rackets, aluminum 6061 is still used for low-cost rackets that fill and hold an important position in the market.

  • Tubing DataEngineered Combinations - Swagelok

    4 Tubing Data 316 Stainless Steel Tube Fittings with Alloy 254 Tubing Swagelok 316 stainless steel tube fittings in 1/4 to 1 in. and 6 to 25 mm sizes may be used with high quality, fully annealed (seamless or welded and drawn) alloy 254 hydraulic tubing. For ...

  • Prevent Corrosion: Identifying & Preventing Corrosion in

    Swagelok offers several engineered combinations of 316 stainless steel tube fittings with tubing from different alloys. Training and Corrosion Programs Beyond these simple measures, a best-in-class approach involves in-depth training and the implementation of a regular and

  • Shaped Tubing - Plymouth Tube

    Stop expensive machining and get the shape you want with tubing! Shaped tubing from Plymouth Tube can slash processing costs, lower scrap material and reduce your turnaround time. Plymouth offers both custom engineered shapes per your specifications as ...

  • High strength alloys for exploration, drilling, completion and

    ALLOY 25 Alloy 25 is a high-strength copper beryllium alloy that can be age hardened to property combinations tailored for individual application requirements. Alloy 25 offers high material strength even in large cross sections and the best thermal and electrical

  • Product Test Report PTR-4183 Swagelok Company Rev. A 29500

    various tubing materials described in Swageloks Engineered Combinations catalog MS-06-117 were tested under laboratory conditions to observe the effects of an environment that promotes CSCC of 316 stainless steel. The assemblies were exposed at 65ºC

  • A Material Difference Swagelok

    A Material Difference The Swagelok Tube Fitting is made of high quality raw materials for superior performance.Swagelok's Stainless Steel ASTM requires 16-18% chromium and 10-14% nickel.Swagelok has maintained chromium content in its fittings at a

  • Tube fitting Advantage Swagelok

    Tube Fitting Advantage The unfailing reliability of the Swagelok® tube fitting is the result of our proven design, manufacturing excellence, and superior raw materials. These advantages, along with the care of our associates, quality culture, and unrivaled experience, all work together to ensure that every Swagelok fitting meets our customers highest expectations for safety and dependability.

  • Superior Raw Materials Swagelok

    2. Quality Barstock We place multiple controls on procurement of 316 stainless steel from our approved mills, from its elevated alloy chemistry to the inspection steps used to validate it to ensure uniform manufacturability when making our tube fittings. 3.

  • A Material Difference Swagelok

    5. Engineered Combinations - Swagelok can engineer a cost-efficient and corrosion-resistant solution for installations exposed to seawater. Download our TUBE FITTING ADVANTAGE BROCHURE Learn more about how Swagelok's raw materials give you a.

  • A Material Difference Swagelok

    CSCC occurs where chloride concentrations and stress levels are present. We have performed extensive CSCC testing on Swagelok fittings with exceptional results: Alloy 316 stainless steel nuts tested (Swagelok and eight other brands): None of the Swagelok nuts cracked or leaked. 39% of the other nuts cracked (at least one from each brand) and 2.7% leaked

  • Aluminium alloy - Wikipedia

    Welded aluminium alloy bicycle frame, made in the 1990s. Aluminium alloys (or aluminum alloys; see spelling differences) are alloys in which aluminium (Al) is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin and zinc. There are two principal classifications, namely casting alloys and wrought ...

  • Corrosion Solutions Case Study Swagelok

    This test was conducted using stainless steel fittings on stainless steel tubing and stainless steel fittings on alloy tubing (Engineered Combinations). Seventy-two (72) Swagelok tube fitting ends were tested and none of the fitting ends leaked or showed any

  • Casing Accessories

    x Centralizer end bands are engineered to maintain rigidity while providing a streamlined profile in the wellbore. x Bows are made of high-strength spring steel that undergoes special heat treatment to achieve maximum restoring force. x All common casing/hole

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking of Aluminum Alloys

    Stresses sufficient for crack initiation and crack growth can be far below the stresses required for gross yielding, especially in those alloy/environment combinations that are of practical importance, e.g., high strength aluminum alloys in air.

  • VERSA-CLAMP® - Alloy Metals and Tubes International

    The Versa-Clamp® Solution Versa-Clamp® provides a significant advance in tubing and small bore pipe supports for process and control systems in a variety of industries. This line of precision engineered products is highly innovative, solutions driven and virtually ...

  • PROSEALS USA provides high-precision metal

    PROSEALS USA provides high-precision metal components and engineered sealing products, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, carbon steel, and titanium sealing solutions. We offer metal parts availability with tight tolerances, maximum strength and ...

  • Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking Swagelok

    That can make Swageloks engineered solutions for installations exposed to seawater both corrosion-resistant and cost-effective. Traditionally in corrosive environments, tubing and fittings of the same alloy

  • Engineered Shapes Archives - Plymouth Tube

    Stop expensive machining and get the shape you want with tubing! Shaped tubing from Plymouth Tube can slash processing costs, lower scrap material and reduce your turnaround time. Plymouth offers both custom engineered shapes per your specifications as ...

  • Types of Corrosion Material Selection Guide Swagelok

    6-Moly Alloys; Alloy 2507; Engineered Combinations Localized Crevice Corrosion In a typical fluid system, crevices exist between tubing and tube supports or tube clamps, between adjacent tubing runs, and underneath dirt and deposits that may have Crevices ...


    BRUSH ALLOY 25 OFFERS dESIgN FLExIBILITY. Because the alloy is age-hardenable, it can be produced in a wide range of strengths. Property combinations within this range can be tailored to the individual application requirements. Figure 1: Mechanical and

  • Tubing Engineered Combinations Pressure Ratings

    Fill the form on this page to access the Tubing Data Engineered Combinations PDF. In a hurry or have a question? Please call our office at 510-933-6200. Tip: Need stainless steel tubing cut, bent, or joined? We can do that for you. Learn about our tube bending.

  • All cast coupling protectors Penguin Petroleum Services

    We offer various metallurgy options including Low alloy carbon steel (ASTM A 216 grade WCB) , stainless steel, nickel chromium steel etc. based on specific customer requirements. CCCPs for various sizes of tubing, cable and control line configurations are made ...

  • Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage Swagelok

    Engineered Combinations Swagelok can engineer a cost-effective and corrosion-resistant solution for installations exposed to seawater. Elevated chromium and nickel levels in our standard tube fitting metallurgy mean that we can offer engineered combinations as a

  • Date, Time, Etc. - Swagelok

    we can offer engineered combinations as a rated alternative to full exotic alloy solutions in certain applications. Rather than a traditional alloy-to-alloy tubing and fitting combination, Swageloks innovative thinking combines 316 stainless steel fittings with 6 14

  • Engineered Combinations of Alloy Tubing and

    Use Swagelok's Tubing Data - Engineered Combinations to take full advantage of the Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage. We usually discourage mixing materials when it comes to tubing and Swagelok tube fittings. There are exceptions, however, when using our 316 ...