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    Een De Dion-as is een specifieke aangedreven starre asconstructie bij auto's. Het differentieel vormt niet zoals gebruikelijk een geheel met deze as maar is aan de bovenbouw, doorgaans de carrosserie, bevestigd.[1] Via cardanassen wordt het aandrijfmoment overgebracht op de wielen[2]. De starre asbuis zorgt ervoor dat de spoorbreedte bij het ...

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    De Dion-Bouton was a French automobile manufacturer and railcar manufacturer operating from 1883 to 1953. The company was founded by the Marquis Jules-Albert de Dion, Georges Bouton, and Bouton's brother-in-law Charles Trépardoux. The company was formed after de Dion in 1881 saw a toy locomotive in a store window and asked the toymakers to ...

  • Flaminia Super Sport - Lancia Aurelia

    Flaminia SUper Sport This is a story of a Super Sport and its restoration. The hero is Hans van de Pol, but a bit of history makes the story a bit richer. Back in 1965 when my mother went to Turin and picked up her new Lancia to go touring for a few weeks. She ...

  • De Dion Rear Suspension Radius Arms Lotus Seven Club

    Have just checked the setting for the Radius Arms on my K series De Dion. It is fixed in the higher of the 2 positions - the "comfort" setting. How much different does it make to the handling by repositioning the arms in the lower setting and is it just a case of undoing ...

  • Brian Humphreys - Rover P6 Classic Cars: Replacing the

    This time, it's the rear suspension. Earlier this year, I was crawling around on a cold garage floor painting underseal (that made me suffer!). By the time I got to the rear wheel arches and took the wheels off - for once actually taking in the condition of the De-Dion ...

  • de Dion axle - TNF's Archive - The Autosport Forums

    de Dion is non-independent like a conventional live axle. However it offers an unsprung weight advantage by fixing the diff to the chassis, although I believe total weight is often slightly higher than an equivalent live axle due to the U-joints (or CV's) etc.

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    1/4/2001· De Dions rear suspension couldnt solve all these problems as it was still an axle. But because it was a dead axle rather than a live axle in other words, it no longer carried the halfshafts and differential (which was now attached to the body of the car) it did ...

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    De Dion rear suspension system Conformal racing mirrors Blue RW Spyder Interior De Dion Suspension Deliveries Fan Shroud Kit Car Information RW Spyder Articles Composites, Classic Racing Cars, Kits, and Components Rock West Racing News If you ...

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    Tags: 4 bar, coil spring, coilover oil, de dion suspension, de dion tube, leaf spring, Trailing-arm, triangulated 4 bar, beam axle, , ,

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    De Dion-Bouton est un constructeur français d'automobiles de qualité, d'autorails et de moteurs de la fin du XIXe siècle et du début du XXe siècle fondé en 1883 par Jules-Albert de Dion, Georges Bouton (en) et Charles-Armand Trépardoux (de).

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    Introduction The De Dion tube is a particular type of automobile rear suspension, developed for the first time in 1894 by Charles Trepardoux the co-founder, with Albert De Dion, of the automobile manufacturer De Dion-Bouton. During the years several car ...

  • Le sospensioni Parte V, Ponte Rigido e il De Dion

    Cè un tipo di schema di sospensioni a ponte, che è diventato simbolo di ottima tenuta di strada e di raffinatezza meccanica. Il ponte De Dion. Creato dal costruttore Francese agli albori del 900 sulle vetture che portavano il suo nome, si è sviluppato nelle vetture

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    Performatek offers high quality German made suspension and steering components for dedion chassis. They are direct OEM suppliers to some of the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers and private label suppliers to some of the largest, first tier

  • Rear Suspension - de Dion - Lancia Aurelia

    Lancia changed suspension design from the earlier IRS to a de Dion type for the rear suspension. It was implemented on the s.4 and later B20s, and all the B24s. The de Dion rear suspension used a tube to connect (and keep parallel) both rear wheels, giving more ...

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    11/2/2011· DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! - Duration: 28:44. Stauffer Garage Recommended for you

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    Un essieu De Dion est un essieu arrière rigide doté d'un carter de pont fixé au châssis permettant un gain de poids non suspendu tout en conservant la voie constante propre au pont rigide. On le trouve sur des véhicules à roues arrière motrices mais certaines tractions en furent pourvues (Ruxton, Cord L-29[1]). Il est généralement ...

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    De Dion suspension uses universal joints at both the wheel hubs and differential, and uses a solid tubular beam to hold the opposite wheels in parallel. Unlike an anti-roll bar, a de Dion tube is not directly connected to the chassis nor is it intended to flex.

  • Sospensione a Ponte De Dion - Matteo Di Lallo

    Nata come diretta evoluzione del Ponte Rigido, la sospensione a Ponte De Dion differisce dal Ponte Rigido per un minore peso totale. Risultato reso possibile spostando lintero gruppo cambio e differenziale direttamente sul telaio della vettura e non più a ridosso del ...

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    El eje De Dion es un tipo de suspensión dependiente empleado en ejes motrices casi exclusivamente traseros. A efectos de suspensión utiliza un ligero eje rígido arrastrado o dead axle similar al empleado en el tren trasero de los vehículos de tracción delantera, mientras que toda la transmisión va sujeta al chasis del vehículo formando parte de la masa suspendida, por lo que necesita ...

  • Types of Suspension System in Automobile [Complete

    It is to be noted that De-Dion suspension is not an independent suspension because a tubular axle connects and supports both the wheels. At (B) is shown a rear-end suspension using the radius arm. This is an independent rear end suspension. In traverse leaf

  • Part I: de Dion Suspension - YouTube

    11/1/2015· In this series, General Manager Chris Kingery talks about a series of customer projects. Part I is about installing a de Dion suspension in an existing Spyder replica.

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    The de Dion axle is clear in the cutaway, as are the inboard disc brakes. The de Dion tubes upwards and downwards movement is controlled by a Watts Linkage, the springing medium is a coil spring/damper or Chapman Strut. Lateral movement is controlled by

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    A de Dion tube is an automobile suspension technology. It is a sophisticated form of non-independent suspension and is a considerable improvement over the swing axle, Hotchkiss drive, or live axle. Because it plays no part in transmitting power to the drive wheels

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    Estamos muy decepcionados por las acciones de Dion esta temporada, incluyendo la situación del jueves y estamos agradecidos de que no pasó a mayores, manifestó el equipo en un comunicado.

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    8/5/2014· The de deon tube isn't a control arm, it doesn't connect to the chassis at all. So this has two leading links, two trailing links, and a panhard rod, for five links in total. Or half as many links and sliding elements as in the common five link RWD suspension, which has ...

  • Caterham Seven 360R Build Blog: De Dion and Rear

    I can't say too much about the events here owing to Dad working on the car on his own, but he has achieved a lot! In two days he's managed to fit the rear suspension and the De Dion tube on his own. Not only that, the brake line that required bending has been ...